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Football Mogul 2009 Demo 7.030

In Football Mogul 2009 you get to choose your own players and make contracts
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Managing a team to produce winning results is a very demanding job. In Football Mogul Demo 2009 7.0 you get to experience the game play of doing exactly that.
In Football Mogul Demo 2009 7.0 simulation you get to choose your own players, make contracts, negotiate trades. You have complete authority on the team’s roosters and finances. The new play by play engines is designed to give you complete control over your team during the games. You can utilize plays to exploit the opponents’ mismatches and take your team to victory. The upgraded AI in the package gives you a realistic experience. Additional features include ratings of 2200 players, updated stats for every player, all 252 rookies from the 2008 draft, NFL schedule of 2008-2009 season, play-by-play describes each play as it happens, realistic player development and aging, play up to 100 seasons into the future, detailed playbook editor, create your own 'Football Mogul Encyclopedia'. You have new strategy options, playbook editor, improved AI, much more realistic, optimized performance, better statistics, multiplayer and improved custom league.

The Football Mogul Demo 2009 7.0 is created to give you a taste of the complete game.

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